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1993 February

Posted on : 24-02-1993 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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19930224 Satie User’s Guide v13:

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At this time we were still waiting for Intel’s Corsair workstations. Eventually I had the same development systems as everyone else and my intent was to grit my teeth and code at the higher levels of the user interface and work downwards. It never happened; real-world business issues burgeoned as my wonderful counterpart Ralph Smith and I surfed the ebb and flow of corporate realities.

My operation had 4 people; his 4000. Thus while needing to learn to leave him time, I was always pained to have to remind him of something. When visiting, I got a better idea of how well-handled we actually were: he confessed to my noting over 300 unanswered e-mails on his machine.