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ICS / TURTLE BEACH Satie Releases

Posted on : 05-12-1994 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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These products were rushed against a year-end release deadline.

The Monte Carlo card was reviewed as having stereo so poor it should be considered mono.

Audio Advantage Card was the second product to play Satie. Seer had high hopes this 12-bit PCMCIA card would give us the initial market for synthesis on laptops. Apparently the market disagreed; you don’t see many of these little guys around.”);

#5,977,469 Real-time Waveform Substituting Sound Engine

Posted on : 02-12-1994 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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Date of Conception 19941202.
Application 08/784,372

A sound engine in a processor-based system utilizing real-time synthesis optimizes synthesis time, maximizes the number of fully-synthesized sound requests and preserves currently excessive sound requests. During synthesis, the sound engine attempts to full-synthesize all requests. If the sound engine determines that remaining sound requests are excessive and cannot be fully-synthesized, it preserves each excessive request by synthesizing a substitute waveform segment. If the sound engine determines that limiting the number of preserved requests is required, it synthesizes a concluding waveform segment for and then discards selected requests during selected synthesis intervals. Both substitute-synthesis and discarding of sound requests are achieved with minimized detrimental impact on ongoing sound performances.

Issued 19991102.
This was basically a vanity patent of questionable value that I allowed, and allowed to expired.

1994 December

Posted on : 01-12-1994 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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19931231 DS/DR/AF leave (continue with Frank Kurzawa only)
19931231 SJ Sole Director for 94

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