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Creative Labs Seer WaveSynth Announcement

Posted on : 24-09-1996 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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Creative and Seer Deliver Low-Cost Wave-Table Audio to Sound Blaster 16

Creative WaveSynth, First Feature Rich Audio Enhancement Solution for OEM Market

MILIPITAS, CA — September 24, 1996 — Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ:CREAF), the world’s leading provider of multimedia products for personal computers, has partnered with Seer Systems, Inc. to deliver a high quality, software synthesizer that gives wave-table audio capabilities to the Sound Blaster 16. Creative WaveSynth™, combined with Creative’s entire line of audio products, now gives PC makers the best complete audio solution for their customers.
Creative WaveSynth provides OEM customers with an excellent price/performance upgrade option for the Sound Blaster 16. When used in conjunction with Sound Blaster 16, Creative WaveSynth software performs MIDI synthesis and acts like a multi-channel audio mixer with high-quality reverb. Creative WaveSynth also gives high-quality reverb capabilities to digital audio so that the overall sound when playing games and using audio applications is notably improved.

Creative WaveSynth supports Direct Sound giving end users the ability to play games utilizing Direct X and at the same time enjoy the benefits of the software wave-table. In addition, Creative WaveSynth also takes up relatively little memory and makes relatively few demands on the CPU. For customers who don’t currently need all of the advanced features of the Sound Blaster 32 and Sound Blaster AWE32™, which offer a wide range of impressive high-end audio capabilities for the PC, Creative WaveSynth will enable end users to experience a significant difference over FM synthesis at a very affordable price to the OEM.”Creative is very committed to addressing the needs of our OEM customers by providing them with the most comprehensive and technically advanced line of products available,” said H.G. Tan, vice president OEM business of Creative Labs. “By offering a variety of options backed by solid product offerings like Creative WaveSynth, Creative will continue to remain the worldwide leader in advanced audio technology for the masses.”

Creative WaveSynth was developed through a partnership with Seer Systems, Inc. In its commitment to develop and deliver next generation audio solutions, Creative has entered into an exclusive licensing and development with Seer. “This is just the first step in what Seer and Creative can accomplish with our extensive resources and technology,” said Stanley Jungleib, founder and CEO of Seer Systems. “Seer’s unique software- based synthesis technology is far ahead of the pack and we are quickly moving forward with Creative to develop other ground breaking technologies and musically expressive tools.”

Creative WaveSynth is now available to OEM, Private Label and VAR customers. Customers can receive the synthesizer bundled with the Sound Blaster 16 chipset or boards. Creative WaveSynth supports Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

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