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Jacob’s Letter

Posted on : 02-06-1999 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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Producer: John Holston
Music and lyrics by: John Holston
14 reMixer tracks

This tune was composed in MIDI using Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.0 and Reality 1.5.3 for all the instruments. The vocal tracks were recorded onto Cakewalk Pro Audio multi tracks, mixed down to one track and edited into samples in Sound Forge 4.0. The resulting vocal samples were then imported into the Reality sound bank and mapped to the keyboard using Reality. Going back to Cakewalk the vocal samples were then “played” on the keyboard controller while the other MIDI tracks played. After the MIDI file was complete it was imported into Reality and the entire soundbank was saved as a SeerMusic file, given a discrete name, and you are now listening to it!

Gear used: Homemade computer with Pentium II-350, 64 megs RAM, Win 98, AWE64 Gold sound card, Stedman vocal mic, Behringer Autocomp compressor.

Listen: Jacob’s Letter 192k

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