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SeerMusic™: Reality™, SurReal™, and reMixer™

Posted on : 01-09-1999 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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1999.09 www.prorec.com: Reality
1999.09 www.prorec.com: SurReal

1999.09.15 SurReal Mix Oct.
AES mention

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 95 or Windows 98
CPUs: Intel Pentium II; AMD K5 (reduced performance)
CPU Speed: 133 MHz (200 MHz for capture)
Memory: 40 Mb, 64 Mb recommended
Drives: Hard drive with 20Mb free space, CD for retail installation.

Audio output: virtually any audio card with DirectSound drivers. Select SoundBlaster output emulation if possible. (Use the demo downloads to test functionality.)

Partial list of supported sound cards: all Creative Labs; Ensoniq Audio PCI; E-mu Creation Studio; Turtle Beach MultiSound Pinnacle, Fiji, Daytona, Malibu, Tahiti, Monterey; Terratec EWS64L; Guillemot MAXIsound; Creamware Triple DAT; Hoontech Sound Track series; AVM Apex and Summit SST.

Note regarding laptops: if your laptop has operating DirectSound drivers but produces stuttered output, try to defeat the “Advanced Power Management” feature. {all ® or ™ as appropriate}

SeerMusic Downloads:

All downloads place an .exe on your desktop.
To explore SeerMusic™ all you need is the Remixer. After installation, go to the “SeerMusic” page
Seer reMixer Engine [18.1Mb]

Reality is the professional synthesizer and one of the very few ways in the universe of accessing genuine Sondius physical modeling. The Reality Manual is in the archive at 1999.08. For compelling fidelity try to access its output digitally (for example, via S/PDIF).
Reality 1.5 Demo [7.8Mb]

SurReal is the playback-oriented workhorse:
SurReal Demo (small) [3.5Mb]
SurReal Demo (large) [18.6Mb]

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