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EFF’s Cohn Loses Grip Over Failure

Posted on : 17-11-2010 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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Though supported by no expert testimony, be assured Cohn’s ‘doubts’ prove she knows more about MIDI, music, and audio than the USPTO. Clearly too upset to be candid, you don’t read about the seven years of EFF’s resources squandered by her ignorance about her centerpiece argument on prior art; which USPTO dismissed without hesitation. And only in such a bewildered mind does the addition of six new claims result in an unequivocal ‘narrowing.’ A professional loser to the end, instead of acknowledging the decision and recommending fair-market licensing, she calls for ‘workarounds.’ I agreeably encourage all competitors to bet their future on Cohn’s technical chops, strategic wisdom, and curious speculative outbursts.

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