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EFF: Which Patent Troll is Your Daddy?

Posted on : 24-04-2012 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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Here is the real and irreversible result of EFF’s Lessig-inspired illogical, spastic IP agenda that only seems to find trolling in small, attackable companies. Or do you believe EFF helps independent inventors by encouraging Microsoft’s right to acquire $1B of patent monopolization for itself and facebook?

EFF’s publicity-led obsessions plausibly deny and distract from the obviously more serious internet corporate IP warfare at their doorstep; consolidation and trending anti-competitive practices unmatched since the days of the railroad robber-barons. Who seriously thinks the interest of independents figure prominently in these continuing, acquiesced mega-million trolling deals? Does it just not appear more, like anyone messing with facebook’s IPO strategy will end up as crab food in SF Bay?

Public interest: my ass. Self-aggrandizement: priceless.

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