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Seer Retail Returns!

Posted on : 25-03-2016 | By : admin | In : Technology Licensing


You want nostalgia, you got it. Seer Systems products are now distributed through http://www.seersound.com and are fully supported there.

You can purchase fully configured systems running Reality or software licenses for the purpose of building your own Reality system. We look forward to hearing from you!

Comments (4)

i was a old reality costumer, and i think this product is the best synth and sampler virtual thtat i have in years.
i have a idea.
acording to ios spesifications, all the ios devices have core audio, that is responsable to low lathency in music applicatiosn.
i don’t know is a posivility to créate a emulation of the reality software synthesizer for this platform?.
menny musical products for ios is común see in the appstore, but i think that reality is the only one with betther soudn and flexivility.
so, as a old reality costuemr i glad to hear some day that reality ser system is a App and abailable from the appstore.
i don care, pay 100 or 200 bugs for the App, but, is a pese of nostalgia in the ios platfrofm.
now i have a ipad pro and a iPhone 5, both loaded with musical apps, so dont forgget to make the reality software for ios, i asure is a good way to introduce this oltechnology in new era of smartphones

I certainly would like to make an IOS version of Reality. I think it is a great idea. It is unfortunate, however, the amount of work that would be required. It is worth doing if funding can be secured. Especially now with the iPad Pro, I think it would be a great time to introduce a modern version of Reality with an updated user interface. One of the best ways you can help make IOS Reality happen is by supporting Reality right now. Spread the word. Tell your friends why you love this synth and show it to them. Let them listen for themselves. It really is special. Even after all this time.

Who can I purchase Reality software license ?

I doesn´t found it ..



You can buy Seer Systems Reality at Seersound.com! If you have any questions you can contact me there. Happy music writing!

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