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EM Awards Reality’s “Game-Changing” Influence on Synthesis

Posted on : 19-11-2016 | By : admin | In : Seer History

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“For 25 years, the Editors’ Choice Awards have recognized the best music production technology for artists, producers, and engineers. This year, in honor of our anniversary, we’re expanding our focus—in addition to honoring the year’s best new innovations, we’re also paying tribute to game-changing products that have shaped the way we make music.

Seer Systems Reality has been selected for a 2017 Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Legacy Award.”

February 2017 p.20

Deepest thanks to Electronic Musician, who similarly honored Reality’s release in 1998. The Legacy Award article appears on-line and in their NAMM edition, February 2017.

Comments (4)

Congratulations on your award! I bought my copy in 1998 and love it so much that I rack-mounted a Pentium III running 98SE with 3 SoundScape Mixtreme cards. I recently ordered an interesting-lookig device that may be a way to use Reality with a Raspberry Pi, in that it is possible to run BeOS and I am wondering if Reality would work like that, since I seem to remember that Seer Systems had made drivers for BeOS. The device is called “pisound”. I am really hoping you’ll get back to me about this. Thanks.

Thank you! Your type of installation is what we recommend, and they are sustaining popularity.

It is true that Seer signed a development deal with Be circa 1999 May as part of their x86 initiative. But Be was not really able to complete their OS port to the point that we could interface. I think they then stopped x86 development and went to Palm or something. So, no help on your idea but check in with Jaymes @ seersound.com because he is always looking at interest in options.

I appreciate your loyalty.

Thank you very much for the quick and informative response. Is there a very good users group that’s current that you know of?

You can go to Seersound.com and put a post there if you like. There is a small community of users out there that would certainly love to hear from you!


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