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Creative’s Partnerships Change the Face of the Internet

Posted on : 24-09-1996 | By : admin | In : Seer History



Creative Partners With On-line Companies to Introduce Multimedia Products for the Internet

MILPITAS, CA — September 24, 1996 — In its commitment to bring powerful multimedia solutions to the Internet, Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ:CREAF), the world’s leading provider of multimedia products for personal computers, has entered into four significant partnerships with on-line technology companies: NetSpeak Corp., Seer Systems, Inc., Onlive! Technologies and Progressive Networks.

With these agreements, Creative will greatly expand its product line to integrate advanced audio, video, graphics and communications technology into vibrant, media-rich Internet solutions for the consumer.

The industry is moving towards multimedia over the Internet and Creative believes it is in a powerful position to take advantage of and leverage its unique strengths as a leader in bringing multimedia products to the desktop and home. Creative believes that anyone who owns a PC has the ability to experience a fully emmersive, exciting and entertaining world directly from his or her computer. Through its agreements with NetSpeak, Seer, Progressive Networks and Onlive!, Creative will create affordable, easy-to-use products and develop exciting new technologies that bring Internet multimedia to the masses.

Seer Systems, Inc.
In its desire to develop and deliver next generation audio solutions, Creative and Seer are developing high- quality fidelity sound technology for the Internet through an exclusive licensing and development agreement. As a result of its relationship with Seer, Creative will introduce its first audio product specifically for the Internet. Creative NetSynth™ is a Sound Blaster compliant software synthesizer that plays high-quality MIDI on-line. The product combines powerful wave-table synthesis technology and up to 32- note polyphony so users can experience high quality professional audio on the Internet.

In addition, Creative NetSynth includes one WaveGuide instrument, using Sondius® synthesis technology from Stanford University, giving customers a sample of how characteristics of real instruments and sounds can be simulated very accurately through physical modeling. Creative NetSynth will be distributed over the Internet in the fourth quarter on Creative’s World Wide Web site.

Creative Labs Seer WaveSynth Announcement

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Creative and Seer Deliver Low-Cost Wave-Table Audio to Sound Blaster 16

Creative WaveSynth, First Feature Rich Audio Enhancement Solution for OEM Market

MILIPITAS, CA — September 24, 1996 — Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ:CREAF), the world’s leading provider of multimedia products for personal computers, has partnered with Seer Systems, Inc. to deliver a high quality, software synthesizer that gives wave-table audio capabilities to the Sound Blaster 16. Creative WaveSynth™, combined with Creative’s entire line of audio products, now gives PC makers the best complete audio solution for their customers.
Creative WaveSynth provides OEM customers with an excellent price/performance upgrade option for the Sound Blaster 16. When used in conjunction with Sound Blaster 16, Creative WaveSynth software performs MIDI synthesis and acts like a multi-channel audio mixer with high-quality reverb. Creative WaveSynth also gives high-quality reverb capabilities to digital audio so that the overall sound when playing games and using audio applications is notably improved.

Creative WaveSynth supports Direct Sound giving end users the ability to play games utilizing Direct X and at the same time enjoy the benefits of the software wave-table. In addition, Creative WaveSynth also takes up relatively little memory and makes relatively few demands on the CPU. For customers who don’t currently need all of the advanced features of the Sound Blaster 32 and Sound Blaster AWE32™, which offer a wide range of impressive high-end audio capabilities for the PC, Creative WaveSynth will enable end users to experience a significant difference over FM synthesis at a very affordable price to the OEM.”Creative is very committed to addressing the needs of our OEM customers by providing them with the most comprehensive and technically advanced line of products available,” said H.G. Tan, vice president OEM business of Creative Labs. “By offering a variety of options backed by solid product offerings like Creative WaveSynth, Creative will continue to remain the worldwide leader in advanced audio technology for the masses.”

Creative WaveSynth was developed through a partnership with Seer Systems, Inc. In its commitment to develop and deliver next generation audio solutions, Creative has entered into an exclusive licensing and development with Seer. “This is just the first step in what Seer and Creative can accomplish with our extensive resources and technology,” said Stanley Jungleib, founder and CEO of Seer Systems. “Seer’s unique software- based synthesis technology is far ahead of the pack and we are quickly moving forward with Creative to develop other ground breaking technologies and musically expressive tools.”

Creative WaveSynth is now available to OEM, Private Label and VAR customers. Customers can receive the synthesizer bundled with the Sound Blaster 16 chipset or boards. Creative WaveSynth supports Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

1996 September

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19960925 “SeerMusic / Opcode” SJ
19960901 Jim Johnson
19960902 Staff conclusion: to survive, must ship
19960930 !Microsoft Integer Synth Delayed for WDM

Creative licenses synthesis technology from Seer:

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96 09 a
96 09 em 1
96 09 em 2

1996 August

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19960801 SJ pitches “Seer & Creative” to Leow

19960801 Trinity Ventures (Larry Orr, Rob Currie)
19960801 Scott Morgan
19960801 Slim Heilpern

19960807 Issues: More Product & More Money

19960825 “SeerMusic” SJ
19960828 Roland (Kakehashi)
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Net SeerSynth Completed

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Allowed GM playback under server/client model.

1996 July

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19960701 Andrew McGowan
19960701 Chris Chafe
19960701 Draft Biz Pan 1
19960711 Board Mtg: Stock Options & Compensation

19960707 Sorkin departs

19960718 Net SeerSynth complete
19960728 OTL agrees to royalty-free promotional guitar

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199607 heard ad

Intel Development #8

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Release to work with Creative Labs.

1996 June

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19960610 Creative/Seer Internet Initiative Report

19960620 Creative posts $67M (10%) loss for year – they need a hit!

19960620 Adoption of Stock Option Plan
19960626 A8: Allowing Seer-Creative development

19960627 Biard MacGuineas
19960627 Gints Klimanis

19960628 Creative Escrow Account
19960629 Russ Lujan to be Creative Board rep to Seer

1996 May

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19960501 Opcode wants MIDIRadio Exclusive

19960502 Money Distribution Finalized

19960508 Seer notifies OTL of Creative deal compliance
19960530 MCW renders opinion on interim agt.

19960501 $6M valuation by Creative
19960519 Revocation of S Corp Status

19960531 Intel says it is closing in

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96 06 ctl shares

19960501 Reality KB

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9605 reality kbd