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Seer Systems Demonstration Software

Download demo versions of Seer Systems music software:

System Requirements for All Seer Systems Demo Software

  • Operating System: Windows 95 or Windows 98.
  • CPUs: Intel Pentium II; AMD K5 (reduced performance)
  • CPU Speed: 133 MHz (200 MHz for capture)
  • Memory: 40 Mb, 64 Mb recommended
  • Drives: Hard drive with 20Mb free space, CD for retail installation.
  • Audio output: virtually any audio card with DirectSound drivers. Select SoundBlaster output emulation if possible. (Use the demo downloads to test functionality.)
  • Partial list of supported sound cards: all Creative Labs; Ensoniq Audio PCI; E-mu Creation Studio; Turtle Beach MultiSound Pinnacle, Fiji, Daytona, Malibu, Tahiti, Monterey; Terratec EWS64L; Guillemot MAXIsound; Creamware Triple DAT; Hoontech Sound Track series; AVM Apex and Summit SST.Note regarding laptops: if your laptop has operating DirectSound drivers but produces stuttered output, try to defeat the “Advanced Power Management” feature.