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EFF Bullshit—Yesterday and Today—They Know ‘General MIDI’ WAS Submitted

Posted on : 17-12-1996 | By : admin | In : Seer History, Technology Licensing

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For all instant patent experts of the technosphere who just knew better, you may want to consider not speaking about subjects in which you have exposed yourselves as thoroughly, mutually and circularly uninformed.

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Let’s spell it out one more time: The demonstrably uncreative Lessig, hapless Kwun, and erratic Cohn instinctively chose and maintained a strategy of self-promotion and demagoguery that rejected the pursuit of fact-based reality. EFF wasted seven years promulgating egregious, fanciful lies and theories without giving any consideration to account for the appearance of facts that might have disrupted their preconceived, messianic self-perceptions. Experienced lawyers pity this strategy of extended, advertised presumptuousness as a serious lapse of diligence. Except for the Washington Internet Daily, EFF’s regular farts of fantasy were sniffed up by a fawning, amateurish, uncritical clique of thoughtless journalistic wannabes desperately competing for blog fodder to “capture eyeballs” for revenue.

Seriously, how stupid, confused and simply fucked-up must you be to ignobly attack a single inventor (me)—holding his own single patent—as a supposed patent troll, while you now silently watch your internet buddies troll billions and billions of dollars worth of monopolization locking up perhaps a hundred thousand patents? EFF: Which Patent Troll Is Your Daddy? Deep thanks for your revenge-of-the-nerd IP work on behalf of the little guy, Larry: the new legislation is really working well. And now you have gone ‘to clean up Washington.’ God help us! (From an agnostic.)

If EFF had acted against Seer Systems out of sincere concern arising from their nevertheless biased presupposition of trolling of one patent, why is it struck mute and paralyzed in the midst of the greatest corporate trolling celebration in history? The answer can only be that Cindy Cohn indeed has no real scruples but for her own celebrity. As I pointed out in Seer Systems Demands Retraction from the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF’s capriciously emotional legal strategies are unacceptable from any effective so-called public service counsel. They inevitably lead to the kinds of unprincipled, self-preserving decisions creating the humbling embarrassment EFF members must endure as their hypocritical, cowardly, and evidently retarded leadership accelerates their downward spiral into irrelevance.